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Any of these sound familiar???

  • Do you want players that are more engaged, unselfish, positive, and committed team members?

  • Do you want to help your athletes navigate the highs and lows of life?

  • Are you tired of banging your head against the wall because your players aren't committed, they are soft, or they don't listen?

  • Do you want athletes that better understand how to be a good teammate?

  • Is there drama in your locker room that you want to minimize?

  • Don't seem to have enough time to do any leadership training?

  • Are you frustrated because it always seems that you are "fighting" with your players over this and that? Does it seem like you are always pulling teeth?

  • Are you having a hard time finding time to teach the "life skills" that you know are important but seem to take a backseat to the X's and O's?

  • Would you like to increase the chances that your team has better chemistry and that your athletes want to invest in your culture?

Benefits for Coaches

Here are just a few of the ways coaches can benefit from The Leadership Playbook...

  • How to minimize the drama that will occur in your locker room.

  • Strategies on how to train your team leaders.

  • Ways to maximize the strengths of each of your players.

  • The process of developing a team leadership plan.

  • Ways to help players better understand and accept their roles.

  • Team building strategies.

  • Recruiting strategies to build the team that you want.

  • Creative ideas to strengthen your culture.

  • Learn how to create the championship culture that you desire.

  • Access to Jamy Bechler for consultation, support, and help with various issues.

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Listen to what a college athlete had to say.

Benefits for Athletes

Here are just a few of the ways athletes can benefit from The Leadership Playbook...

  • Help your team be more successful.

  • Learn decision-making skills to make positive choices for you and your team.

  • Minimize drama in your locker room.

  • Become a person of influence that is respected by others.

  • Possess the leadership qualities that will stand out for college applications, award competitions, scholarship opportunities, and job interviews.

  • Develop the leadership skills that complement your athletic skills help you gain a winning edge.

  • Better handle the ups-and-downs of being an athlete.

  • Maximize the potential of your teammates and yourself.

  • Learn the best ways to make your teammates and your team better.


  • 100's OF LESSONS

    Follow the recommended game-plan or binge-watch member-only lessons containing strategies, tips, insights, and methods to create stronger team chemistry, encourage positive leadership, and develop better teammates. There are lessons for both coaches and athletes. Each athlete lesson is only 2-minutes long.


    Coaches and student-athletes will have the opportunity to take a survey, which evaluates and provides a level of understanding as to their current leadership status, ability, and potential.


    As a member, you will receive at least 25% off all of Jamy Bechler's products and services.


    Your price will never increase as long as your membership is in good standing. The price you sign up for is the price that you'll always pay. When membership fees increase, your costs won't.

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Great teams have great teammates. Create the CULTURE you want two-minutes at a time!

About Jamy Bechler

Jamy Bechler is considered one of the leading experts in building team leaders and creating championship cultures. He has developed his proven leadership principles and strategies through his years as an award-winning college basketball coach, championship athletic director, and leadership consultant. Jamy has worked with organization and teams ranging from Fortune 500 to the NBA. Many of these same strategies were implemented when his 2014 college basketball team earned the national "Champions of Character" award. He is a certified John Maxwell leadership coach, who regularly appears on radio shows, podcasts, and conference stages. Jamy is the host of the "Success is a Choice" podcast and has authored three published books ("The Leadership Playbook", "Building Champions", and "The Bus Trip").
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What people are saying about Jamy Bechler and The Leadership Playbook

College Athletic Director

Rusty Kennedy

"Jamy Bechler is an expert in the field of Leadership. His real world, hands-on solutions created through years of diligent work as a coach, mentor and athletic administrator are beneficial to organizations of all size and type."

College Academic Dean

Shawn Silman

"Coach Bechler embodies the qualities of an exceptional leader. He has a passion to share his message with those who want to grow as leaders. This book provides a clear road map for anyone who has the desire to broaden the impact they have on their team or organization. I have no doubt that this book can help all students gain a better understanding of what being a true leader is all about."

Professional Basketball Player

Vee Young

"When I played for Coach Bechler, he strongly valued leadership. It is very important at every level and it should be taught daily. The teams most likely to succeed are those that have good leadership skills and everyone is held accountable for their actions. Leadership will bring success on and off the court so lead wherever you may go because it can be quite contagious!"

College Recruiting Expert

Dan Tudor

"As someone who works with college athletic departments and coaches around the country, I know the type of authors and speakers they trust and look to for leadership skills, and Jamy Bechler is in that category. His coaching background is the perfect foundation for the advice he is giving to athletes, their parents, and the coaches who coach them. Coach Bechler is a go-to resource for leadership. I definitely recommend his book to coaches."

National High School Coach of the Year

Chad Hibdon

"As we went through our journey of a state and national championship season, we continued to reflect on Coach Bechler’s blueprint for success. Our players gained the leadership qualities that are necessary to be a championship team."

Basketball Parent

Sailaja Blackmon

"Having a husband that coaches and three sons that play basketball, I can't emphasize enough how much leadership matters to a team. Jamy has some great insights that could help your son or daughter better develop their leadership skills."

Soccer Parent

Lori Eltzroth

"Building a foundation for leadership skills at an early age is critical to long-term success in athletics, work and life in general. Coach Bechler taught my daughter the importance of developing the attitude of a leader through multiple opportunities and training at Marion High School. The skills that she has acquired and the appreciation she has for leadership in any life activity has inspired my 5-sport, honor student athlete to raise the bar and command more from herself and those around her. Thank you Coach Bechler."

College Basketball Coach

Reed Sutton

"I have known Jamy as a competing conference coach, a friend, and now as one who helps elevates our program. I much prefer him as an ally than as an opponent! Our team studied "The Leadership Playbook" for the 2017-18 season and it served as a catalyst as we over-achieved, rattling off 9 wins to finish the regular season. We consequently qualified for the National Tournament after bouncing back and holding each other accountable from consecutive 41 and 29 point losses in late January of that season. I am hungry to gobble up everything Jamy has to share as I know it will be relevant to our team in our quest to connect with each other and WIN!"

Host of the Sports Spectrum

Jason Romano

"It seems like now more than ever, there is a need for positive leadership and the intentional development of our youth. Sports isn’t just about X’s and O’s and Jamy provides a blueprint for how student-athletes can reach their potential regardless of their status or talent level."

WNBA Coach of the Year

Dan Hughes

"When the Storm went from a series of losing seasons to winning the World Championship, I saw first-hand how much intangibles can impact a team. There were certainly players with amazing talent on the team but it was inspiring to watch them come together as a team and embrace a culture of positive leadership. They communicated, supported, encouraged, and made each other better. No matter your team's level or talent, they could benefit from the insights that Jamy provides in building a team and getting the most out of your players."


The Leadership Playbook helps student-athletes understand how to be better teammates and more positive leaders so that you can have a stronger culture.

Now More Than Ever!

There has never been a more urgent time to help your student-athletes navigate the challenges of life. Investing in their character, leadership, and future has never been more important.

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When your athletes learn to be better teammates and more positive leaders, your culture becomes stronger and your players maximize their chances for success.