Financial FAQs

  • What are my payment options?

    You can pay monthly or yearly (best value) and we have options available for teams or athletic departments (best value). You can see the current prices by visiting You can pay easily on the site with a credit card. If you want to pay by PayPal or school purchase order, please contact us at [email protected].

  • How do I pay with a P.O. (purchase order)?

    School purchase orders are common and we gladly accept them. Here is the information your business office will most likely need: Bechler Enterprises, LLC. 153 3rd Street NW #1 Barberton, OH 44203 EIN: 82-3909838 Contact: Jamy Bechler 765-661-2841 Current pricing is found at If your business office needs additional information, please contact us at [email protected] Once the process is complete, please send us a copy of the purchase order. Make sure that it includes the PO#, name of the individual handling the payment, and their email address.

  • Comparing the team price to an athletic department price seems too good to be true. Is that price correct? Why is the price for the entire athletic department so affordable?

    The quick answer is that we want to positively impact as many student-athletes as possible and by keeping the athletic department price point low, that encourages athletic directors and schools to purchase the program for everyone. All student-athletes should benefit and develop their leadership skills, not just the players on the teams that have the most money in their budget. A program like this should be priced significantly higher but we would rather it be affordable for everyone, as opposed to only a select few. When you consider the number of athletes in an athletic department divided by the membership fee, it is truly an amazing deal. We don’t want to help just those who have deep pockets and can afford it, we want to help anyone that wants to grow, develop, and improve. If you have a heart for student-athletes, then we want to provide you with the tools to help them be better.

  • I have seen some online programs charge per student. I see that you DON'T do that....why not?

    That would be a great way for us to make more money. However, that doesn’t fit with our desire to make this affordable for you, while also fairly simple. What do you do when a kid quits? What do you do with your managers? Do you only get it for a few players because you don’t want to spend money on all of them? What if some kids don’t use the program, can you get a refund? What if a kid plays multiple sports? These are all questions that you (nor us) really want to deal with. One flat fee is simple. We understand that if you have more athletes, then you are getting an even better deal. At the end of the day, we’d rather that you feel like you got a great value, then be crunching numbers and worrying about every single student and do you really want to pay all of that money for every student.

  • Is there a licensing fee or any hidden fees?

    Absolutely not. What you see is what you get. Your annual membership fee includes access to all of our features associated with the online program. We don’t charge you a licensing fee, student fee, etc… We are not like your cell phone company. When we give you a price, then that is the price! Of course, if you want to buy books, posters, etc… or have Jamy speak to or work with your team(s) and athletes, then that might incur an additional cost as those things are separate from the membership site.

  • Will the membership fee ever increase?

    As long as you stay current with your subscription, the price that you paid initially will not increase. This is part of our locked-in guarantee. We do not believe in bait-and-switch or jacking up the prices year in and year out for existing customers. We never liked that about college tuition and we certainly don’t like that when it comes to the subscriptions that we have.

  • What if we are not satisfied with the program and want a refund?

    Our ultimate desire is to add value to your student-athletes and coaches. We want to help improve your team’s leadership. Certainly, no results or outcomes are guaranteed but we think that if you are committed to developing the leadership in your program then you will see some positive results. However, for some reason, if you are unsatisfied with the program or don’t feel that it is worth the time or the money, then we will cancel your membership and refund your entire membership fee back to you.

  • The program has been very beneficial to my student-athletes. How do I continue to have full access to the material, resources, and the community?

    Good news! You don’t have to do much of anything. If you paid by credit card, then your subscription will be automatically renewed. If you paid by school purchase order, then we will send a renewal invoice to you and your business office. Your membership will stay active during the invoice process.

Support FAQs

  • What do we do if we have a technical issue?

    Technology is awesome – when it works. There may be glitches every once in a while. Please contact us at [email protected] and a member of our support team will promptly respond and make every effort to rectify the situation.

  • I enrolled as a subscriber. Now what do I do?

    Thank you for joining "The Leadership Playbook". As a subscriber, you have immediate access to the program once payment is made or we’ve received a purchase order number. Go to and click on the “Sign In” tab at the top of that page. Once you arrive at the login page, enter your email and password that you used when enrolling as a subscriber. You can also bookmark the signin page for easier access: • Now that you are a member, you will receive some emails walking you through the membership site and providing you a game plan for how to use the site. Make sure that you add [email protected] to your safe emails.

  • I'm a coach that purchased the program for my team. How do I add my athletes and staff to the program?

    Send the names and email addresses of your students and assistants to [email protected] and we’ll begin the enrollment process for them. They can expect to receive an email from us within 24 hours that contains their login instructions.

  • I bought the program for my entire athletic department so now how do I get my coaches and athletes signed up?

    Send the names and email addresses of your head coaches to [email protected] and we’ll begin the enrollment process. Let them know that they will be receiving an email from us with login instructions & program details within 24 hours.

  • Why are my video lessons muted automatically?

    If you notice that your videos are muted by default, this is a browser specific setting. Unfortunately we don't have the ability to override local browser settings, however you should be able to enable audio on your site.

  • Is there an app?

    The platform (Thinkific) that we use does not currently offer an app. However, Thinkific is actually fully mobile responsive so students and coaches will be able to take their courses on the go from any phone, tablet, or computer. Feel free to bookmark the sign-in page at

Program FAQs

  • I read the paperback version of The Leadership Playbook. How is this different than that?

    This is not just the audio version of the book. The program is based on the popular paperback "The Leadership Playbook" but there is much more to this program than just repeating what was in the book. Some of the best stuff from the book has made its' way into this online program and the topics follow a similar path as the book lays out. This is because we believe in the content, format, and philosophies outlined in the book. However, we continue to update and develop new, relevant, and relatable material to support the leadership philosophies put forth in "The Leadership Playbook".

  • Who is this program designed for?

    This program is good for any athletes of any age. Certainly, there will be some lessons that are not applicable to some individuals or teams. During our time working with athletes from the professional ranks down to the middle schoolers, that many of the same principles apply regardless of level. Nobody ever “arrives” as a leader, teammate, or even a person. We are constantly growing and improving throughout our lives. We believe that this program offers individuals insights and tips on how to be more successful in life.

  • When does this course start and finish?

    The short answer is “whenever you decide to start it and whenever you decide to end it”. We will provide you with a suggested road map to guide you through the process. We want it to be easy for you to use and implement. However, you can use it in whatever way you deem best for your program and your situation. It can be customized to meet your needs. Just like when you watch Netflix. You can binge-watch a show on a long-weekend or you can watch multiple episodes of various shows throughout the week. This program is similar to that. In fact, what you do the first year may differ in year two and year three. As we add content and as you get more comfortable with the community, you’ll come up with your own ideas and you’ll also probably borrow ideas from others.

  • Who is Jamy Bechler and what makes him qualified to present these leadership lessons and create the program?

    Jamy is a former college basketball coach who coached at the NCAA-I, II, III, and NAIA levels. He’s been at public schools and private schools, as well as coaching both males and females. He’s won coach of the year awards, set school records, and even gotten fired. He has driven vans after wins and losses, made sandwiches, and washed the teams’ laundry. He has also dealt with big budgets and TV deals. One of his teams even won a national champions of character award. As an athlete, he experienced stardom and times when his best friend was the water cooler at the end of the bench. After coaching, he spent two years as an athletic director at a high school with 20 varsity sports and the fifth largest high school gymnasium in the U.S. seating more than 7,000. He also established student-athlete leadership training, created budgets and a plan to get the department out of debt, and tried to do everything possible to make sure the concession stands didn’t run out of blue Gatorade. He is now a published author, podcast host, professional speaker, and works with teams ranging from the NBA to college to high school. In other words, Jamy has experienced a lot, been where you have been, and understands what you’re going through. He insights are not just theory. His insights are not just theory. He’s seen it work in a variety of situations.

  • What are some of your future plans with the program?

    We will always be seeking feedback on how to make the program better. We want this to be as valuable to you as possible. We will be adding content for both the coaches and the student-athletes. Not only will we be adding lessons within different topics, but we’ll be adding new topics as well. Eventually, we would like to add modules for specific sports. We would also like to have some modules specific to level (e.g. Middle School, High School, College, or Pro). We also will be looking into live conferences, meet-ups, and professional development opportunities.